Remember when the Browns executed that NBA-style trade for Brock Osweiler, essentially a salary dump with the Texans, resulting in Cleveland picking up a draft pick?Jadeveon Clowney Jersey Well, after the reports from OTAs and minicamp, I think Osweiler has to be the leader in the clubhouse to be under center when they host the Steelers on Sept.Vince Wilfork Jersey 10. Osweiler has earned praise from his head coach and position coach (though it could be fluff to generate trade interest) and clearly has more experience and a bigger arm than the rest of the competition: Cody Kessler, Kevin Hogan and rookie DeShone Kizer.J.J. Watt Jersey What team would trade for that $16 million contract? Why would the Browns cut him and take on $15 million in dead cap money? I agree with Robert Klemko that Osweiler should have stayed in Denver, but I also believe that he's about to be a starter on his third team in three seasons.

• OSWEILER BRINGS INTRIGUE IN CLEVELAND: Are the Browns starting to believe in Brock?

2.DeAndre Hopkins Jersey I think Dean Blandino is going to be great for football viewers this season and beyond; it's a home-run hire for FOX. Last week he gave us a taste of some of the behind-the-scenes work in the NFL, regarding the celebration rules and overtime, when he spoke with Colin Cowherd. The former officiating czar said he proposed doing away with overtime in the regular season and that the changes to the league's stuffy celebration rules were about “trying to reach the millennial and this new age of fans.” Mike Pereira hasn't been in the league office in nearly a decade and still drops new nuggets on TV, so just imagine what Blandino will have for us in the coming years.

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